Your wedding can be intimate or grand in size.  Your backdrop can be a country village or on an exotic island. We can help you create an exception celebration regardless of your budget. We have access to over a 1000 hotel and resort properties.  Instead of a gift registry you can have your guests help pay for your honeymoon.  Honeymoon decisions to take into consideration location, location, location.
Renewing Your Wedding Vows is for Every Couple!  A vow renewal is your opportunity to reaffirm your love for each other and celebrate in whatever fashion you desire.
Whatever service TJBS Travel provides you the option to take advantage of  "Easy Payment Plan", which allows you and your guests the flexibility of spreading the travel payments out and picking payment dates that work for you. You can use the "Easy Payment Plan" to schedule out payments up to 60 days before the wedding. 


  1. Destination Wedding
    Things to consider when planning your destination wedding & honeymoon. •Be aware of the cost to attend your wedding. •Reserve affordable accommodations. •Plan or research things to do for your guests before & after the wedding. •Season - Consider your wedding date when planning your honeymoon. •Location - Be sure you are traveling somewhere you both want to go. •Budget - Talk ahead of time about budget goals.
  2. LGBTQ Weddings
    Gay marriage, same sex marriage, LGBTQ weddings, gay wedding reception, civil union ceremony clients your wish is our command. More states and countries have legalize same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples are honeymooning at destinations like New York City, Las Vegas, Key West, Hawaii, Mexico, Isreal, Austrailia, Europe, Asia, and Niagara Falls just to name a few. Are agency is ready to provide all clients regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or race with the same level of service.
  3. Vow Renewal
    As a couple, you may have just gone through a rough spot in their relationship. •The couple may have gotten legally married, but missed the first wedding. •A couple could have hit a relationship milestone. •Whatever the reason a vow renewal can fit the occasion.
  4. Honeymoon
    What better time to take your dream trip than on your honeymoon? From mountains to deserts, coasts to forests, east coast cities to Old West ghost towns, and tropical jungles to snowy cliffs, America has a bit of everything from sea to shining sea. For US-based couples, choosing a domestic destination can make your perfect escape much more affordable and accessible than a honeymoon abroad.